Spring Sprints Road Race
We are hosting a race at GingerMan Raceway on May 16-17 and we could always use volunteers. Wave flags, work pit, grid, tech, time cars, measure sound, be a gopher etc. No experience necessary and you will get a chance to be up close to the action. You don’t need to register to work, but if you can we would appreciate it so we can get a accurate head-count for lunch and dinner.

You can register here (keep hitting continue until you get to the volunteer option)

Or here if you want to work a corner

Race Worker Incentive
Other SCCA regions need help running races too. In fact no region can put on a race without help from members of neighboring regions. So, in order to help offset some expenses for race workers to drive to other tracks in GLDIV, the SBR Board has come up with the following reimbursement policy:

Track Reimbursement
Grattan-$75 | MIS-$75 | Mid Ohio-$150 | Corvette Museum-$225

Some rules:

      You must be a SBR, SCCA Member


      You must work one of our races in order to receive reimbursement for working another region’s race.


      If you work both of our races, you may be reimbursed for 2 other races max.


      Reimbursement is for the person(s) driving to the race.


      If multiple people are attending a race, car-pooling is required.


    Questions-contact Jeff Luckritz