Gingerman Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack with partial support from the FIA Sport Grant Programme is “The Fastest Way to Get on Track” for any automotive enthusiast.  No previous on-trackexperience needed.  Only things required are a street car in good condition, a driver’s license and a helmet.  It is a good idea to also bring a desire to have some fun and hang out for the evening with others that share your passion for automobiles or driving.

From complete novice to advanced driver, Track Night in America is a fantastic way to spice up boring weekdays with an hour of on-track excitement for every participant.  And with guidance from professional SCCA instructors provided for those exploring trackdriving for the very first time, fun is the focus. Spectators and those wishing to simply show off “cherry” rides during festivities are welcome to park and hang out free of charge.