Street Survival

The Tire Rack Street Survival program is designed to help novice drivers get skills and experience behind the wheel in a safe and controlled environment. We pair each student with an experienced driver who puts them through a series of planned driving sessions aimed to teach them and help them sharpen driving skills. The class is for students from 15 to 21 and they must have a valid driver's license or permit.

When your teen driver attends a Street Survival school, we teach them to control your car in unpredictable situations based on its handling limits. They master the application of driving physics using their car. They learn how to make good driving decisions and react more quickly. They become more aware and learn how to begin anticipating the actions of other drivers.

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Photos from past events
Tire Rack Street Survival photos – Aug 2015

Vehicle Requirements

  1. See the FAQ page for rules regarding vehicle type restrictions (SUV and high center of gravity vehicles)
  2. The car must be in good mechanical condition and safe in the opinion of the instructor. A brief safety inspection is required of each car before it is allowed to participate.
  3. The car used at the event must be a legally registered, licensed, and insured to participate. We will not accept any race cars or special use vehicles into the school.
  4. The use of nitrous oxide will not be allowed in any vehicle so equipped. Our instructors will verify the bottle is turned off during the entire event.
  5. No visible leaks of any kind.
  6. The tires must have visible tread and not worn to or beyond the wear bars.
  7. All four tires must have the recommended pressure as listed in the Owners manual for the car. Do NOT over inflate the tires past the recommended pressures. The pressures listed on the side wall of the tire is the MAXIMUM pressure, not the recommended pressure (this is a good way for the parent to teach the teen how to fill the tires and to check them regularly).
  8. The car, including the trunk, must be cleaned of all loose items before participating. Please remove these items before coming to the school. Loose items in the vehicle the morning of the school will be removed and set outside of the car until the end of the day.
  9. The battery and spare tire must be secure.
  10. Have plenty of gas in the car for the day’s event.

Become a coach!

It's easier than you think to become a coach and teach these life saving skills to those new drivers you're sharing the road with every day.  If you have been competing in road racing, autocross, or other motor vehicle sports you have already learned and mastered the skills we aim to teach the students.  There is certification exam required, which you can take online.  This exam will familiarize you with the objectives and the methods used to teach the students when driving their vehicles on the controlled course.

Become a coach today!