SCCA Track Night at GingerMan – May 14th, 2017 (Mother’s Day)

Gingerman Raceway will be hosting an SCCA Track Night at Gingerman.  Please note this is NOT a South Bend Region or SCCA sanctioned event- this is a special track night open only to SCCA members.  You will be subject to the rules of Gingerman Raceway for their track night events and the additional supplemental rules listed below.
  • Open to SCCA members only.
  • Run groups for novice(0-3 track events), intermediate( 4-8 track events), and experienced(9+ track events)
  • Limited to 60 cars.
  • Mandatory drivers meeting at 5:00 pm.
  • Closed-wheel cars only.
  • SA2005 or M2005 helmets or newer.
  • Minimum 3-point belts.
  • Convertibles must have roll-over protection.
  • Three 20 minute sessions.
  • Cost is $50.00
  • Drivers are encouraged to preregister to save their spot.
  • Questions: contact Jeff Luckritz at
Please sign up for the appropriate run group based on your experience.  Doing so will make the event more enjoyable for everyone in the run groups.

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