South Bend and Western Michigan Regions Present

The Bert Olson National

With IT Restricted Double Regional

At GingerMan Raceway - July 11-12th, 2009

Run Groups

Race Groups
1 FF, FVee, F500 Q1 Q2 Final G1
2 GT1, GT2, GT3, AS, T1, ST, STO Q1 Q2 Final G2
3 EP, FP, HP, GTL Q1 Q2 Final G3
4 CSR, DSR, S2000, FA, FB, FC, FE, FM Q1 Q2 Final G4
5 SM, T2, T3, SSB, SSC, STU Q1 Q2 Final G5
6 SRF Q1 Q2 Final G6
7 ITA, ITB, ITC, ITR, ITS, IT7 Q1 Final G7 Sat
G7 Sun 16 Lap
G7 Sun 7 Lap

Event Info

The event was hosted by South Bend Region and Western
Michigan Region, it included both a National and
IT Double Regional.

GingerMan Raceway Info

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Open Track Day for SCCA members on July 10th

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Race Officials

Race Chair Paul McBride
Assistant Race Chair Dave Dawson
Chief Registrar Kendra Green 616-875-8992
Assistant Registrar Tamara Bowman
Entry Chief William Loring
Chief Steward Bob Burns 317-410-7721
Asst. Operating Ann Burke, Larry Dent
  Dorn Lynch, John Peterson
Asst. Safety Jeff Jankiewicz
  Richard Lankford
Chairman SOM Andrew Weldon
Steward of Meet Philip Cull
  JoAnn Jensen
  Francis Karl
Chief Scrutineer Rod Markowicz
Course Marshal Wayne Rogers
Chief Timing/Scoring Lorrie Gaunt-Wandell
Chief Grid Lynnette Markowicz
Chief Paddock Tom Smolenski
Chief Pit Duane Belisle
Chief Starter Michael Jennings
Assistant Starter Bobbe Orr
Chief Flags Jim Desenberg
Chief of Communications Verne Wandell
Chief Sound Eugene Wieczorek
Emergency Services Terry Feichtenbeiner
Chief Medical Medic 1
Chief Driver Information Paul Stock
Regional Executive Jeff Luckritz
Announcer Lloyd Loring - The Voice of SBR