The South Bend Region, S.C.C.A. was incorporated in 1953 over 60 years ago. Most local activities in the early days were monthly TSD road rallies and meetings. The first SBR race was held in the 1950s at Playland Park (at the St. Joseph river near Lincolnway and Ironwood) possibly on a ½ mile oval dirt track. NASCAR also ran one race there. Since then, SBR has held sports car road races at Wilmot, WI, Blackhawk Farms, Mid-Ohio, and currently at GingerMan Raceway in Michigan. SBR also held a time trial at Nothdurft Farms, MI on a 10’ wide 0.9-mi long paved practice course. In the early days, parking lot events called gymkhanas were occasionally held. These eventually became the autocrosses of today, held locally on a variety of sites including, among others. the South Bend Airport, the Elkhart High School, an early Tire Rack parking lot off Ireland Road, an old WWII airport near Converse, IN and Grissom AFB.


Solo® is the SCCA brand name for autocross competition. Solo events are driving skill contests that emphasize the driver’s ability and the car’s handling characteristics. This is accomplished by driving a course that is designated by traffic cones on a low hazard location, such as a parking lot or inactive airstrip. While speeds are no greater than those normally encountered in legal highway driving, the combination of concentration and car feedback creates an adrenaline pumping experience. It is like being in a movie chase scene, only you are holding onto the steering wheel instead of a box of popcorn!

Club Racing

SCCA club racing is the pinnacle of amateur wheel-to-wheel road racing in America. There are classes for formula cars, sedans, sports cars and purpose-built tube framed cars. The most popular classes are Spec Miata and Spec Racer Ford. At most races, spectators will see multiple classes on the track at one time, all fighting to be the best in their respective classes. South Bend Region hosts two events at GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, MI. On May 21-22, there is a double regional race that also includes a PDX(track day) on Sunday. The largest amateur road racing event in Michigan is the SCCA Bert Olson Majors at GingerMan Raceway on July 9-10. With over 180 racers competing, it should be an exciting weekend for spectators and racers.

Street Survival

When your teen driver attends a Street Survival school, we teach them to control your car in unpredictable situations based on its handling limits. They master the application of driving physics using their car. They learn how to make good driving decisions and react more quickly. They become more aware and learn how to begin anticipating the actions of other drivers.